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The mission of Pueblo Nuevo Development is to provide opportunities for economic and educational advancement for the residents of the greater MacArthur Park neighborhood.

History and Vision

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Pueblo Nuevo Development is creating a ladder out of poverty for children and families living in one of Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods. PND is a nonprofit community development corporation formed in 1993 as part of a grass roots effort led by founder Philip Lance to build a new community with local residents. During the 1990s the organization focused on small business enterprises including a thrift store and a worker-owned janitorial company.

Beginning in 1999, the organization initiated a school-anchored community development strategy founding Camino Nuevo Charter Academy. Since then PND has acquired and renovated properties to serve as schools for 3800 Camino Nuevo students in preschool through high school. In keeping with its community development strategy, PND has worked with the school to create strong parent support programs and community health services.


Completed Projects

The Jane B. Eisner School
--Total Development Costs: $7.4 million
Home Support Office & Colors Counseling Center
--Total Development Costs: $3.5 million
Pueblo Nuevo Soccer Field and Court
--Total Development Costs: $8.1 million
Camino Nuevo Elementary
--Total Development Costs: $2.3 million
Camino Nuevo Middle School
--Total Development Costs: $5.2 million
Camino Nuevo High School
--Total Development Costs: $17.6 million
Camino Nuevo Preschool
--Total Development Costs: $5.2 million
Gabriella's Place Dance Studios
--Total Development Cost: $750,000



Philip J. Lance
Philip J. Lance
Co-founder and President of Pueblo Nuevo Development
Co-founder and President of Camino Nuevo Charter Academy
3435 W. Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone: 213-417-3413
Fax: 213-596-3878

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