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College Success

Making College Graduation Possible for More Students

A college education is the most reliable path to prosperity, especially for children who grow up in poor communities. Yet low-income students at every level of academic ability are less likely to finish college. Nationally, only 9 percent of these students earn bachelor’s degrees at the six-year mark, well below the 70 percent college success rate for students from affluent families. 

Camino Nuevo Charter Academy students who graduate high school and enter college are earning their bachelor’s degrees at three times the average rate for low-income students. That's because we have built a college success program designed to support students through the challenges they might encounter while attending college, an innovative strategy that is making college graduation a reality for more students. 

Students begin receiving support in high school, with counselors who guide them through the process of selecting the right college and career based on their interests and talents. Seniors with gaps in their financial aid packages may also qualify for our scholarship programs. Since 2008, we have given over $2 million in scholarships to more than 1,000 students pursuing degrees in humanities or STEM.

After students have made their college decisions, our counselors prepare them for the transition. Through Ready, Set, College and summer transitional programming, students develop skills that ensure they enroll, register, and show up on campus ready to succeed. They are also matched with other alumni who become their role models and mentors in college.

Throughout college, Camino Nuevo counselors stay in touch with alumni, monitoring their academic progress and providing guidance and support when they find themselves in difficult situations. As part of this effort, counselors make college visits and reinforce key behaviors that keep students on the path to graduation. 

Get Involved

Camino Nuevo schools have set an ambitious goal to have at least 60 percent of their graduates earn a college degree by 2022. Help us reach this goal by getting involved in one of the following ways:

  • Support the College Success Fund with a gift that will help provide alumni and peer mentors, transition support, career guidance, and links to resources for students in need.
  • We partner with colleges and universities across the country to learn how best to support first-generation college students. To learn more, contact our alumni support team at [email protected]
  • If you would like to participate in mock interviews with our juniors, speak at Career Day, or tell us about internship opportunities for our high schools students, contact Janay Battaglia, internship coordinator, at [email protected]