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Enrichment Opportunities

Enriching Students' Lives

We believe enrichment programs give kids the opportunity to discover new interests, develop existing talents, and take the lead on improving their communities. Through partnerships with after-school programs, businesses, and civic organizations, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy offers students an assortment of enrichment activities, including sports, internships, music, and art. These programs not only give kids a chance to shine, they instill enthusiasm for learning and skills that students can use in the classroom and throughout life. We are proud to raise funds in support of two special programs offered at Camino Nuevo schools: music education and internship opportunities.

YOLA at Camino Nuevo

The Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) at Camino Nuevo is a partnership with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and its musical director, Gustavo Dudamel, to give students intensive music education from kindergarten through 12th grade. Launched in 2017, the program currently serves students in grades K-3 at the Kayne Siart campus. Over time, it will expand to the other grades and into the Miramar High School campus.

In the early grades, students learn the fundamentals of playing in an orchestra, practicing with cardboard instruments. As they continue their education, they transition to playing real instruments in a genuine orchestra. Along the way, they receive academic support and additional music instruction after school. YOLA is offered only at three other schools in the city. The program has taken accomplished young musicians from underserved communities to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, London, Tokyo, the Super Bowl, and the National Gallery in Washington D.C. We expect to see our Camino Nuevo musicians on those same stages one day.

Internship Program

Camino Nuevo’s Internship Program levels the playing field for students with limited personal networks and exposure to the professional world. Through hands-on experience in the field, insight from workplace mentors, and a final reflection project, high school juniors gain the experience and skills to be competitive in today’s job market. Equally important, students have the opportunity to explore a chosen area of interest. This increases their motivation and drive to pursue their college and career goals. 

Students are matched as closely as possible to career interests, and those who complete 50 hours of work experience can graduate with special honors. The program also directly benefits the surrounding community by providing local businesses and nonprofit organizations with well-supported interns who can make a valuable contribution to their success. We are proud that 125 students — the majority of our graduating seniors in 2018 — completed at least one internship.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning activities help students connect learning at school to a variety of social and cultural experiences outside of school, as well as expand their career exploration. Whether it’s exploring colleges in Northern California or on the East Coast, going to an art museum or a modern dance performance, completing a day of service project, or visiting City Hall and encouraging the community to register to vote, we believe that these opportunities take students beyond their current experience and expand their perspective. Learning by experience also builds their social capital and increases their knowledge of the larger global community and their place within it. We strive to connect every student to at least four experiential learning opportunities during the school year. Give to our experiential learning program so that more students can have access to nontraditional educational activities that enrich their lives.